Q. What is StreamingAsia?
A. StreamingAsia is a streaming site and the premium source of Indian, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan & Nepali video contents.
Q. How much do I have to pay for StreamingAsia service?
A. Registration/Subscription Charge: MVR 1/day and MVR 30/month. Which will be renewed automatically.
Q. How do I subscribe from StreamingAsia service?
A. Browse from your handset and press SUBSCRIPTION button and read the conditions carefully.
Q. How do I unsubscribe from Streaming Asia?
A. Browse from your handset and click UNSUBSCRIBE.
Q. What type of contents will be available in this service?
A. Indian, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan & Nepali video contents are available here.
Q. What is the link to browse StreamingAsia service?
Q. Can I browse StreamingAsia portal without subscription/registration?
A. Yes you can but for streaming video you need to subscribe first.
Q. Can I watch contents without subscription/registration?
A. No you can't.
Q. This service will be automatically renewed?
A. Yes.
Q. Will there be any data charge for streaming the contents?
A. Yes.
Q. Does it support all devices?
A. Handsets with internet option are supported to use this service.
Q. I click on a video link and nothing happens?
A. Make sure that your Internet connection is working.
Q.I can hear something, but I’m not seeing video?
A. Your connection to the Internet is too slow to view this particular video.
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